wondering what wine to buy? follow our simple process 1. take our palate test 2. you will be allocated a colour 3. look for the wines with the corresponding colour stickers in store


if our representatives are in store (Barkeeper, Cape Town) then join us for a free tasting to test our recommendations.


we want to add value, so if you need help with a wine pairing, need to buy a gift for a friend or perhaps you are a restauranteur who needs to manage your wine and food pairing – look no further .

what are you waiting for ? an invite? take the test already and lets see if we can help you find wines you’ll love!



trying new things should be fun, and spending time staring at a wall of wine is not. so if you are in Cape Town, come join us at Barkeeper (liqour store) where we will help you find wines you’ll love that are totally based on you (not what some ‘snob’ tells you to drink). they (the private bankers of wine – as we see it) might have a completely different palate! In fact if anything watch this video. because that is how we feel about ‘ratings’ and while those fancy stickers might make you think its a good buy, wouldn’t you rather spend your money on wine that will make you happy?

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