Ever wanted to try a new wine, beer, gin, champagne even coffee… But weren’t sure you’d like it? We help by identifying your personal taste preferences based on our clever little algorithm called.. you guessed it..’jean’


Our web app will soon be the easiest way to find beverages you will like while shopping, whether online, at the store or your favourite restaurant. Even if you are picking it for yourself and someone special or a group of friends. It’s being tested as we speak


Scan, rate, swipe left, swipe right it’s easier than finding a date. Wine is no longer for the snobbish, craft beer is not just for the hipsters, gin isn’t just vodka with juniper berries, even coffee can be more than just a wake up call…Be awesome and mail us to join our test group

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Startup Taste-tech

We are a taste-tech startup using deep learning algorithms to help people identify new tastes that they will personally like from wines and whiskey to beer, gin, champagne even coffee.

Which means we will help you find a new favourite…

Right now we are just in the proof of concept phase- contact us if you wanna be part of something awesome and taste some good wine too..for free

Recent Projects

Wine tasting with Warwick Wines at Roast & Co. Gathering data to test our algorithm. There could be worse ways to find information. A huge thank you to Warwick Wines for sponsoring the event. If you are a wine maker and want to join us on the journey, message us asap!